The laboratory is equipped with more than a dozen modern personal computers with dual-core Pentium Duo 3400 processors and 8 GB of RAM. This makes it possible to teach undergraduate students on such modern programming, modeling and design systems as Visual Studio 2019, Matlab 2019 and AutoCAD 2020.

In the laboratory, junior students study such subjects as “Programming”, “Algorithms and data structures”, “Modern programming technologies”, in which they are introduced to the basics of procedural and structural programming in C/C++, C#, types of algorithms, used in information technology, the ability to properly and efficiently organize complex data structures found in modern automation, the technology of creating a modern software product SOLID.

Junior students also study subjects such as “Computational Mathematics”, “Computer Mathematics Software”, where they can learn to use the mathematical packages Matlab, MathCAD and learn Python.

In the same laboratory, students study such design disciplines as “Computer Graphics”, “Design of automation systems”, in which the student masters the work in the design systems AutoCAD and EPLAN, which prepares all design documentation of modern control systems.

For senior students, the laboratory is equipped with portable stands, which include modern controllers Arduino DUE and microcomputer Raspberry Pi 3. Thus, future masters have the opportunity to study such subjects as “Technologies of modern cyber-physical systems”, “Embedded systems management”, “Real-time systems and “Cybersecurity of computer-integrated systems”. To do this, the laboratory widely presents a variety of modern signs for Arduino and Raspberry, which perform the functions of sensors, actuators and means of communication with higher level systems. Students work on them laboratory and course work related to the study of intermodule exchange in modern industrial and sensor networks, the use of advanced technologies of the industrial Internet of Things.