ATEP department is a full member of the international educational network EduNet, which was created and developed by one of the world’s leading manufacturers of automation tools by the German company Phoenix Contact. Thanks to this, students have access to the latest methods of teaching innovative equipment and can try their hand at world-class professional competitions.

In 2018 the ATEP department received two awards in the international student work project Xplore New Automation Award 2018:

  • Project “Basanabar”, created to save lives in an accident;
  • Project “Smart-city garbage and logistic systems”, which showed the benefits of a single information space of the city.

Among commercial organizations, the department has established close mutually beneficial relations with leaders in the field of automation, namely:

  • PHOENIX CONTACT GmbH & Co. KG, Germany – automation tools and equipment for control systems;
  • Klinkmann, Finland – all levels of  automatic process control systems and integration into the technological process;
  • Wonderware, USA – supervisory control systems InTouch, modeling of technological processes, MES-systems;
  • Honeywell, USA – a world leader in automation.

The ATEP department is a member of the Association of Industrial Automation of Ukraine, which includes numerous international companies –

In the framework of work with foreign scientific and educational institutions in the ATEP department established cooperation with the following institutions:

  • Royal Institute of Technology (KTN) – Stockholm, Sweden;
  • The University of Auckland – USA;
  • Wrocław University of Science and Technology – Wroclaw, Poland;
  • Leipzig University of Applied Sciences – Leipzig, Germany;
  • Belarusian National Technical University – Minsk, Belarus;
  • National Academy of Sciences of Belarus – Minsk, Belarus.

The ATEP department is a participant in the Erasmus+ program, under which doctorate and PhD students have the opportunity to study in foreign universities, and the scientific and pedagogical staff of the department – to undertake an internship.