During my studies, I learned to solve problems, endure difficulties and appreciate friends and team Didukh Michael
Software Engineer Total Energy Trade, 2018 graduation

The department ATEP gave a basic understanding about arrangement of the technological processes. This is the foundation of basics of the development, configuration and launch of any software Anastasia and Dmitry Kostrub
Product Manager at Verimi, Tech Lead at Amazon, 2014 graduation

A advantage plus is the teachers who work in the field they teach Lukomsky Yaroslav
PHP + Node.js developer, 2018 graduation

Yes, after graduation I went to work in the specialty Ushchapovsky Andrew
2015 graduation

Thanks to my successful teachers, I have acquired technical skills (so to speak," technical mindset ") and work that gives me pleasure Svitlana Melnychuk
Head of the design department of the control system of Ventkontrol LLC, 2015 graduation

The department provides knowledge and experience that will help to enter today's world as a specialist promising and in demand, whose skills will be interesting in Ukraine and abroad Andriy Lobach
Co-owner of iDom

The department spun my brains and made them work 100 times more productive Valery Schmidt

The basics of automation, received at the department, allowed me to convert the company from an installer to a manufacturer of controller equipment and SCADA-systems. Prosyanikov Vadim
Co-founder and President of the company "Raut-automatic", 1994 graduation

You ask, what did the department give? I will answer - it taught me how to learn and set me on the right path, it helped me find my place in life. Isn't that what we're all looking for? Oksana Simchuk
Head of Automation Systems Development Group, Eknis-Ukraine

Electronics, programming, IT technologies? Yes, where today without it! All this knowledge (and not only this) can to obtain by studying at the Department of ATEP Shpak Oleg
Leading Engineer of the Department for Coordination of ACS of TP Power Plants and SARCHP NEC "Ukrenergo", 1988 graduation