Internship is an important stage of training a highly qualified specialist.

According to the stages and training tasks, students and graduate students have various types of internships:

The undergraduate practice for bachelors aims to acquaint students with the features of automation in the selected area of production, teach the rules of equipment selection to solve the automation problems according to the requirements of the technological processes.

The undergraduate practice of professional masters helps to deepen knowledge of complex automation tasks and the ways of management systems modernization.

The research internship of science masters should provide them with data for scientific researches within master’s theses.

The pedagogical internship of postgraduate students provides professional and pedagogical skills for lecture preparation and presentation, practical and seminar classes with students, that will be useful in both pedagogical and scientific activities.

Responsibles for the practice at the Department of Automation of Thermal Power Processes are:

– for full-time students and graduate students – Pavlo Gikalo

– for students and graduate students of distance learning – Valeriy Boun