This laboratory stand is a full-fledged heating system with specially designed automation. This automation simultaneously controls both direct and mixing heating circuits. The automation of the heating system consists of special sensors, which measure the temperature of the coolant and the outside air. Control system in the automatic mode processing the received temperature indicators and selects necessary power for the maintenance of comfortable temperature in the room and independently adjusts the heating equipment for an optimum mode of its functioning.

The temperature of the water in the heating circuits is regulated by the ambient temperature, which sensor is simulated on the stand. Temperature control in the direct circuit is carried out by switching on the electric boiler. When the temperature on the ramp reaches the set value, the controller sends a signal to turn off the boiler with a delay, that set in the controller menu.

The temperature in the mixing circuit is regulated by a three-way valve. In real conditions, the mixing circuit is usually used for underfloor heating. When the temperature of the water reaches the set value, the controller sends a signal to the three-position servomotor, which will begin to close the supply of heat water to the circuit. Also for both circuits, it is possible to set temperature from the controller menu.