Yuriy Kovrygo

Professor, PhD

Kovrygo Yuriy Mykhailovych (born on February 19, 1945) – Candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Automation of Heat and Power Processes (1990-2019). In 1962, after graduating from the Kyiv College of Electronics with a degree in Automation and Telemechanics, he entered the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, graduating with honors in 1967 with a degree in Automation of Thermal Power Processes. After graduating, he works as an assistant, associate professor, professor and head of the department ATEP.

The area of ​​scientific interests of YM Kovrigo in the early years covers the development of mathematical models of technological processes in order to build automatic control systems, this is the subject of his dissertation (1972) and the first independent research.

After a scientific internship in 1979-1980. at the Royal Higher Technical School in Sweden under the guidance of prominent scientists T. Bulin and K. Åström, where he studied modern methods of identification and construction of control systems, YM Kovrigo returned to the department and introduced a new course “Identification and modeling of control systems”. At the same time, he is carrying out serious work – in the field of ACS TP TPP and NPP and modal control, which began to grow young scientists M.Yu. Izgorev, V.Boun, Y.E. Grudzynsky, E.V. Fomenko, Т.G. Bagan, O.S. Bunke, P.V. Novikov and others.

Under his leadership, the department develops a school of modern computer technology management in energy. In 1992, on the initiative of YM Kovrygo, for the first time in Ukraine, a specialty “Computer-integrated technological processes and production” was founded and opened in KPI, for which engineers and graduates – since 2001 – masters.

Areas of scientific and pedagogical activity:

  • Computer technologies for automation of industrial processes in energy;
  • Control and regulation of heat and resource saving processes in public utilities;
  • Creation of simulators, training systems and assessment of readiness of TPP and NPP personnel; ·
  • Development of modeling and distance learning tools for automation specialists.

Prof. Kovrigo Yu.M. is the author of more than 200 scientific papers, textbooks and inventions (including 4 books). He has prepared seven candidates of sciences. An outstanding specialist, he is a member of several Academic and Expert Councils, Deputy Chairman of the NMC MES of Ukraine and developer of a standard for training in “Automation and computer-integrated technologies”, an expert of the city commission on the introduction of heat meters in housing. Kyiv, an academic member of the Association of Industrial Automation Enterprises of Ukraine, as well as a member of the editorial boards of two journals.

Among the achievements of the scientific team of the department should be noted the implementation under the leadership of Kovrygo Yu.M. by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine eight State contracts, including “Development and implementation of principles of construction of technical means and standard solutions for automation systems of municipal energy facilities”, introduction of computer accounting and heat management in the buildings of the Presidential Administration, introduction the operation of a full-scale simulator of the 300 MW power unit at Kyiv CHP-5 and the introduction of an information and diagnostic system of the turbogenerator at CHP-6.

Professor Kovrigo Yu.M. for many years teaches courses such as “Theory of automatic control”, “Technical tools of automation” and “Modern sections of control theory”, introduced with the creation of a laboratory base at the Department of teaching new courses “Modeling and identification of control objects” and “Simulators and man -machine systems ”. Currently, he pays much attention to the development of the laboratory base of the department, the use of modern modeling methods in the study of the theory of automatic control and the development of software and methodological tools for independent work for distance learning systems.

Since his student years, when he played in the volleyball team TEF (multiple champion of KPI), and to this day he is regularly involved in volleyball and downhill skiing.

Control theory
Identification and modeling of control plants
Automation of control processes