Oleksandr Stepanets

Associate Professor, PhD

Associate professor of Department of Automation of Heat and Power Engineering Processes. PhD (Automation of Control Processes), lecturer and leader of practical trainings, university coordinator of the international educational network EduNet created by Phoenix Contact, represents the university in “Association of Industrial Automation of Ukraine”. Has a sufficient practical experience in Industrial automation including PLC, SCADA/HMI, design and implementation of automatic control systems. Pays attention to the new scientific and practical directions, related to Advanced Process Control and Industry 4.0.

He has been working at University since 2009. Starting from the position of an assistant, he moved up to associate professor. Stepanets had defended his PhD thesis “Automatic Primary Steam Temperature Control System of the Once-Through Boiler with Variable Modes” in 2013.

As a practical engineer and researcher, he consults engineering companies in a fields of system design, PLC, SCADA/HMI programming, system commissioning. Some of his interesting projects are:

  • Skvyrskyi Grain Processing Factory – Industrial Automation of the main factory assets, technological lines and work units:
  • Intellectual Building – automation of HVAC, safety system, remote monitoring, resources consumption monitoring;
  • Sunflower Oil Extraction Plant – automation of temperature and pressure parameters;
  • Industrial Boiler House – automation of burning and heat-exchange processes;
  • Papermaking Machine– automation of water steam heat processes on the main plant asset – papermaking machine;
  • Orthodox Cathedral – automation of HVAC, lighting, remote monitoring and control, energy management
  • Artezia Engineering Company – automation of industrial heat consumption equipment;
  • Supermarkets “Amstor” – automation of HVAC systems and energy management.
PLC programming
SCADA development
Industry 4.0