Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program 2020-2021 Annual Competition

The Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program  enables research at US universities, research centers, libraries, museums, archives, etc. for three to nine months.

Areas of specialization: humanities, social, exact, technical and natural disciplines. The application deadline is October 15, 2019. Financing: - a monthly stipend   - Medical Insurance - ticket in both directions

Qualification requirements:

  - Candidates of Sciences, Doctors of Philosophy / Doctors of Arts, Doctors of Sciences;

  - Researchers without a scientific degree with full higher education (specialist, master's degree), with experience of research work of at least five years, with available publications (articles, monographs or sections in monographs) in domestic and / or foreign (international) scientific professional publications.
General requirements for candidates:

  - have Ukrainian citizenship and live in Ukraine for the duration of the competition;

- be fluent in English at a level sufficient for professional communication in an English-speaking scientific environment;

  - to return to Ukraine 2 years after the end of the grant period in accordance with the requirements of the J-1 visa received by the participants of the exchange programs.

Details of the Program, the list of documents for participation in the competition and requirements for their design, as well as the progress of the competition selection at the link: http://www.fulbright.org.ua/en/pages/37/scholar.html

International Relations of the Department

The Department works in several areas:

  •     cooperation with foreign scientific and educational institutions;
  •     cooperation with international and foreign commercial and noncommercial companies and institutions. 

The Department has established cooperation with the following institutions:

  •     Swedish Royal Higher Technical School - Stockholm, Sweden;
  •     Auckland University - USA;
  •     Wroclaw Polytechnic - Wroclaw, Poland;
  •     Leipzig Higher Technical School - Leipzig, Germany;
  •     Belarusian Polytechnic University - Minsk, Belarus;
  •     Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus - Minsk, Belarus;
  •     Moscow Power Engineering Institute (IEE) - Moscow, Russian Federation.

The Department is a full member of the international program EduNet. The EduNet program (founder partner - Germany) aims to raise the level of global automation.

The Department is a participant of the Erasmus+ program, according to which students, PhD and Ph.D. students have the opportunity to study in foreign universities.

Among the commercial organizations  the Department established relations with:

  •     Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co.KG, Germany - automation and control equipment;
  •     Klinkmann, Finland - all levels of the control system and integration into the technological process;
  •     Wonderware, USA - InTouch dispatch control system, process modeling, MES system;
  •     Honeywell, USA - world leader in automation;

    For all questions concerning international activity, please contact the responsible for the direction Roman Sakov roman.sakov@gmail.com .

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