The Department works in several areas:

  •     cooperation with foreign scientific and educational institutions;
  •     cooperation with international and foreign commercial and noncommercial companies and institutions. 

The Department has established cooperation with the following institutions:

  •     Swedish Royal Higher Technical School - Stockholm, Sweden;
  •     Auckland University - USA;
  •     Wroclaw Polytechnic - Wroclaw, Poland;
  •     Leipzig Higher Technical School - Leipzig, Germany;
  •     Belarusian Polytechnic University - Minsk, Belarus;
  •     Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus - Minsk, Belarus;
  •     Moscow Power Engineering Institute (IEE) - Moscow, Russian Federation.

The Department is a full member of the international program EduNet. The EduNet program (founder partner - Germany) aims to raise the level of global automation.

The Department is a participant of the Erasmus+ program, according to which students, PhD and Ph.D. students have the opportunity to study in foreign universities.

Among the commercial organizations  the Department established relations with:

  •     Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co.KG, Germany - automation and control equipment;
  •     Klinkmann, Finland - all levels of the control system and integration into the technological process;
  •     Wonderware, USA - InTouch dispatch control system, process modeling, MES system;
  •     Honeywell, USA - world leader in automation;

    For all questions concerning international activity, please contact the responsible for the direction Roman Sakov .

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Department of Heat Power Process Automation / Heat power faculty KPI


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