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The chair was created in 1958 as a part of Metallurgical faculty of the KPI on the basis of the chair of metallurgy of steel on the initiative of the outstanding scientist, Academician of AS of Ukraine Dobrohotov Nikolay Nikolaevich and d.t.s., Professor Kocho Valentin Stepanovich as the chair of automation of metallurgical processes and was the first chair in Ukraine in the field of industrial automation. The head of the chair had been assigned professor V.S.Kocho. In formation of school of automation of technological processes and consumption of energy from the beginning of 50th years of the last century except Academician Dobrohotov N.N. and Professor Kocho V. S – the first head of the chair of automation of metallurgical processes, the outstanding scientist, the winner of the State Aword of the USSR, the author of fundamental books, d.t.s., Professor Yavoiskiy V.I., later- the head of the chair at the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys, made a lot during the first years of work at the chair.
Necessity of creation of the chair was dictated by requirements of national economy which were characterized by fast growing quantity of heat power and metallurgical aggregates, growth of their power and consumed power resources. Considerable growth of quantity of the various test equipment, control devices, and also appearance of domestic computers, suitable for control problem solving. To meet the requirements of the domestic industry in the specialists, capable to develop modern technical base, to project control systems, and also to exploit these systems competently the chair of automation of thermal processes of industrial institutions, which has been renamed into the chair of automation of heat power processes (AHPP), has been created.
In 1962 the chair passed to structure of Heat-and-Power Faculty and was oriented on training specialists on automation for power engineering, and since 1989 has been training engineers on speciality “Automation of technological processes and productions”.
Now the chair prepares:
          bachelors in direction «Automation and the computer-integrated technologies»;
          engineers on specialities «Automated control of technological processes and productions» and «Computer - integrated technological processes and productions»;
          masters on specialities.
          algorithmic and the software of the computer-integrated technologies;
          the automated training complexes.
For 48 years of work the chair has prepared more than 2700 specialists. They work at many research and project institutes, in repairing and applying corporations, in departments of automation of the power companies and firms of Ukraine, the countries of the former Soviet Union and other states.
At the chair (AHPP) specialists from many countries, including Bulgaria, Germany, Poland, Cuba, Vietnam, Mongolia, China, Egypt and Sweden were trained.
The sphere of activity of our graduates covers:
·        studying of technologies for the purpose of formulation of requirements to automation systems;
·                    identification and modelling of objects;
·                    development of structure and control algorithms;
·                    hardware and program implementation of solutions;
·                    system integration.

The chair carries on research and project work in the field of automation in the following directions:

  • control systems of technological processes on the basis of the modern microprocessor engineering;
  • computer training apparatus and their usage for staff preparation on control of technological parameters;
  • modern technologies of computer-aided design;
  • microprocessor devices of control and regulations of processes of usage of power- resources.
The contribution of the chair to science is considerable. More than 1000 scientific works were published by its teachers and lecturers including 11 monographs. More than 200 certificates on inventions were received. At the chair 3 textbooks, 21 books and many methodical recommendations were published. During the last years new didactic resources were developed and inserted in educational process:
  • a complex of training modules on the basis of the personal computer;
  • training apparatus for preparation of students and specialists in the field of automated control of heat power stations and the atomic power station;
  • systems of automatic designing;
  • courses of remote training.
The specialists prepared by the chair can perform research and design works on creation of systems of automation and control with use of microprocessor techniques, and also installation, repairing and service of operating systems of automation.
The classes and research work of students is carried out in the chair laboratories of: thermal measurements, technical equipment and control systems, computer facilities and systems of computer-aided design, program-technical complexes of systems of automation, network technologies and the Internet. Students are also trained at the branch chair NPK «Kiev Institute of Automation» and improve their qualification at educational centre of the known corporation in the field of information technology of computer systems Compaq-HP. Students of senior courses have possibility to receive the second speciality on industrial marketing, linguistics, the law, etc.
Many graduates and workers of chair have reached the big creative successes. Among them it is necessary to mark such as: the Director of the Physical and Technological Institute of Metals and Alloys (FTIMA) of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NASU), Academician of NASU Najdek V. L; the head of department of the same institute, Corresponding member of NASU, d.t.s.. Pereloma V. А.; the Rector of the Zaporozhye Industrial Institute, d.t.s., Revun
M. P.; the head of the chair of the same institute, d.t.s., Professor Grankovsky V.I. and d.t.s., Professor Lisitsa V.K.; the Rector of the Kishinev Polytechnic Institute, Professor Antosjak V.G.; pilot-cosmonaut of Mongolia G. Majdarzhavyn; the head of the chair of the Academy of Light Industry, d.t.s., Professor Hiljuk L. F.; the Minister of the Ministry of Chernobyl Holosha V.I.; the director of the Tripolsky hydro-power station Chekaramit O. I.;the chiefs of the shops of the heat power station and the atomic power station in Bulgaria -A.Marinov and in Germany- B. Mulka; the manager of Siemens corporation, the leader of controller automation in the CIS countries, H.Herpl. Professor Azhogin V.V., later –the Rector of the Odessa Polytechnic Institute, and Professor Zgurovsky M.Z. –the Rector of the National Technical University of Ukraine “KPI”, later -the Minister of education of Ukraine, worked some years in the chair collective.
During the period of work of the chair the following scientific schools have been created:
          since 1958 by Professor Kocho V. S. – school of measurements and automation of technological processes;
          since 1980 by Professor Azhogin V.V. and Professor Zajchenko J.P. – school of modelling and optimisation of control systems by technological processes;
          since 1991 under the direction of senior lecturer Kovrigo J.M. -the school of modern computer technologies in power engineering.
Directions of scientific and pedagogical activity:
          computer technologies of automation of production processes in power engineering;
          control and regulation of processes of heat and resource-saving in municipal service;
          creation of training apparatus, systems of training and an estimation of readiness of staff of heat power stations and atomic power stations;
          development of modelling tools and remote training for experts in automation.


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