The department has been creatures in 1958 by metallurgical composition of the faculty of the department KPI on baze Metallurgy began to ynytsyatyve vыdayuschehosya uchёnoho academician AN USSR Nikolai Nikolayevich Babich and Dr. tehnycheskyh Sciences, Professor Valentin Stepanovich Kocho As chair of automation and metallurgical processes has been of the first in Ukraine Department in the field promыshlennoy automation. Zaveduyuschym Department appointed Professor VS Kocho . In Formation nauchnoy schools tehnolohycheskyh automation processes and Consumption of energy since the beginning of 50- ies of last century Krome academician NN Babich Kocho and Professor V. - pervogo zaveduyuscheho Department metallurgical processes automation and poly sdelal rabotavshyy First year in the department, vыdayuschyysya Specialist Ph.D., professor , laureate of USSR gosudarstvennoe premiums Yavoyskyy VI author fundamentalnыh books Subsequently head. Department in Moscow and began ynstytute alloys
Neobhodymost creation of the department dyktovalas the needs of the economy , kotorыe harakteryzovalys Quick rastuschym quantities teploэnerhetycheskyh and metallurgical ahrehatov , POWER 's growth and potreblyaemыh эnerhetycheskyh resources. Znachytelnыm quantities DIFFERENT growth control yzmerytelnыh pryborov , rehulyruyuschyh Device , as well as appearance otechestvennыh vыchyslytelnыh Device pryhodnыh solutions for management tasks . For obespechenyya the needs of industry in the Patriotic specialist , sposobnыh razrabatыvat sovremennuyu tehnycheskuyu base proektyrovat control system , as well as well- эkspluatyrovat These creatures systems and has been chair of automation processes teplovыh prompredpryyatyy , kotoraja pereymenovana been in the department teploэnerhetycheskyh automation processes ( ATЭP ).
1962 g department forward in the composition of the faculty and has been teploэnerhetycheskoho soryentyrovana on Preparation SPECIALISTS ON automation for Energy and s 1989 osuschestvlyaet Preparation for automation engineers and management in SPECIALITIES " Automation tehnolohycheskyh processes and production ».
In Present Time Department to prepare :
- bakalavrov in direction " Automation and computer- yntehryrovannыe technology ";     
- engineers on specialties " Avtomatyzyrovannoe tehnolohycheskymy Process Management and Production " and " Computer - yntehryrovannыe tehnolohycheskye Processes and production ."     
- Masters by Specialty
Specialization :
- alhorytmycheskoe and prohrammnoe obespechenye computer- yntehryrovannыh technologies;     
- avtomatyzyrovannыe trenazhёrnыe kompleksы .
Over 48 years of work chair podhotovyla Bolsheviks in 2700 professionals. Ona rabotayut su many scientific and yssledovatelskyh proektnыh Institute in vnedrencheskyh and adjustment and firm in the Division of automation and эnerhokompanyy of enterprises of Ukraine , Soviet Union bыvsheho countries and other states .
At the Department of Education and passed ATЭP stazhyrovku Specialists of many countries , including, of Bulgaria, Hermanyy , Poland , Kubы , Vetnama , Mongolia , China , Egypt and Sweden .
Content activities of our graduates ohvatыvaet :
- Study technologies with aim of formulyrovanyya trebovanyy k automation systems ;         
- Identification and modeling of objects;         
- Creative alhorytmov structure and management;         
- apparaturnaya and prohrammnaya realyzatsyya decisions;         
- systemnaya integration.     
Department vedёt yssledovatelskye scientific and design- konstruktorskye work in the field of automation on direction :
- tehnolohycheskymy process control system for baze Modern mykroprotsessornoy equipment;         
- kompyuternыe trenazhёrы s s Using the training of personnel for по                     Control tehnolohycheskymy parameters;         
- Modern technology avtomatyzyrovannoho Designing ;         
- mykroprotsessornыe sredstva control and regulation processes and energy- resursoyspolzovanyya .     
Znachytelen contribution to the department of science. Teacher and Employees of the department morethan 1000 Published nauchnыh of work , including, 11 monographs, morethan 200 will provide a copyright svydetelstv for Inventions . At the Department yzdano 3 Tutorial 21 Textbook and poly pechatnыh methodical benefits. In Latest Years razrabotanы and vnedrenы in uchebnыy process Novye dydaktycheskye sredstva :
- Complex Training and trenyrovochnыh baze modules on the PC;         
- trenazhёrы for the training of undergraduate and SPECIALISTS in the field Control avtomatyzyrovannoho thermal power plants and nuclear power plants ;         
- Designing for SCADA system Automatic ;         
- APORT courses dystantsyonnoho training.     
Podhotovlennыe Department Specialists mogut Outgoing yssledovatelskye and proektnыe work on the creation and automation systems Control Using mykroprotsessornoy with appliances , as well as installation, commissioning and servicing of automation systems deystvuyuschyh .
Classes and scientific yssledovatelskaya Business undergraduate vыpolnyaetsya Laboratory in the department : teplotehnycheskyh measurements , tehnycheskyh funds and systems management , systems and appliances vy'chislitel `noj avtomatyzyrovannoho Designing , software characteristics -technical complexes of automation, Network Technologies and Internet. Studentы obuchayutsya well as the department branch at SPC "Kiev Institute of Automation " and pass stazhyrovku in the center uchebnom yzvestnoy firm in the field of information technology and systems vыchyslytelnыh Compaq-HP. Studentы senior coursework ymeyut Ability to Receive vtoruyu Specialty promыshlennomu marketing lynhvystyke , law and others
Many graduate and employee of the department ripe Bolshoi tvorcheskyh and proyzvodstvennыh uspehov . Among them, It should be noted such as: Director of the Institute of Physico- tehnolohycheskoho metals and alloys ( FTYMS ) National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine ( NASU), Academician of NASU Naydek VL, zaveduyuschyy Division of the Institute of эtoho same corresponding member NAS Ph.D. Fractures VA , Rector yndustryalnoho the Institute of Zaporozhye , Ph.D. , Professor Howler MP, zaveduyuschyy Department эtoho the Institute of Ph.D. Professor Hrankovskyy VI and Ph.D. Professor VK fox , Rector Kyshynёvskoho Polytechnic Institute , Professor Antosyak VG, lёtchyk astronaut MPR H.Maydarzhavыn , zaveduyuschyy Department Academy lёhkoy industry , Ph.D. Professor Khyliuk LF, Minister Mynchernobыlya Holosha VI , Director Trypolskoy GRES Chekaramyt OI , heads Guild thermal power plants and nuclear power plants in Bulgaria A. Marinov and B. Hermanyy in Mulka Manager Leader kontrollernoy automation firm Siemens in the countries of the CIS H.Herpl . Several years in the department 's team rabotaly Azhohyn Professor VV , the consequences - rector of the Odessa Polytechnic Institute and professor Zhurovskyy NS Rector of NTU - KPI , Minister of Education of Ukraine Subsequently .
By Years of work at the Department of Scientific bыly sozdanы sleduyuschye schools :
-     s 1958 VS professor Kocho - School of measurements and automation tehnolohycheskyh processes ;
-     with 1980 g Azhohynыm professor V. and professor Zaychenko JP - School of modeling and optimization of process management tehnolohycheskymy ;
-     s 1991 Under the leadership of Associate Professor JN Kovriga razvyvaetsya sovremennыh school of computer technology in energy.
     As stated Above , organizers and pervыm zaveduyuschym Department Valentin Stepanovich Kocho (1914 ), which will metallurgic He graduated from Dnepropetrovsk Institute (1937). In 1941 zaschytyl kandydatskuyu Annotation for Question yzmerytelnoy appliances in metallurgical production. Vo Vremya War rabotal the Urals, Sverdlovsk g zaveduyuschym office control yzmerytelnoy technics zanymalsya problems yntensyfykatsyy teploobmennыh processes in staleplavylnыh units , where sformyrovalos Understanding Importance questions for control and management teplovыmy processes. After the war pereehal in Kiev Business in academician NN Babich . In 1958 zaschytyl doktorskuyu IA .
Scientific Interests Professor VS Kocho Very bыly and ohvatыvaly samыe iroki Actual problems of work DIFFERENT metallurgical furnaces, including, questions of control and management metallurgical processes. So im ego and his disciples yzuchalys questions mathematical descriptions of the processes of heat transfer and mass- to staleplavylnыh baths optimization horenyya fuel and the heating , venting and metal hazoobraznыm zhydkym oxygen , temperature measurements continuously zhydkoho metal in martenovskyh and эlektrostaleplavylnыh kyslorodnыh furnaces and heaters. Razrabotannыe methods of thermal analysis work metallurgical furnaces , such kak method " mhnovennыh " obratnыh teplovыh Equity , methods and measurements pryamыh obratnыh teplovыh flows with pomoshchju teplomerov and termozondov , as well as methods for optimization of heat transfer and Efficiency by martenovskoy melting period , served osnovoy alhorytmycheskoho obespechenyya avtomatyzyrovannыh management systems promыshlennыh many objects .
Znachytelen contributions prof. Kocho VS in the automation of domain furnaces nahrevatelnыh kolodtsev , and also DIFFERENT termycheskyh and methodical furnaces. VS Kocho yzdano morethan 400 nauchnыh and Training and methodical of work , Among them, 5 books and 2 uchebnыh Textbook . Online podhotovyl morethan 60 candidates and doktorov sciences. Results of work Under the leadership of V. Kocho bыly vnedrenы in many plants of the country and for the period 1969-1982 gave the Economic Effect of the order of 9 million rubles. Online nahrazhden 6 medals and pochetnыmy signs through with many diplomas .
Simultaneously with development of the department Novaya automation teplovыh promыshlennыh processes of enterprises on stanovytsya deputy director of the Kiev SCIENCE sozdavaemoho the Institute of Automation ( 1958-59 ), formyruya Scientific direction , and otdelы Laboratory .
At the Department on nachynaet Preparation for a new postgraduate specialty. Among the First postgraduate bыly Famous uchёnыe already upomyanutыe previously : Academician of NASU Naydek VL, corresponding member of NASU fractures VA , professor Antosyak VG , Professor Howler M P., Professor VK fox and Dr. . Instructor Many of the department well as successfully zakonchyly aspyranturu . Total for the existence of the department Prepared TIME 3 doctors and 79 candidates of sciences tehnycheskyh .
Among the First of teachers of the department bыly prof. Kornylov G. , Ph.D. Assoc. Hrankovskyy VI , PhD . Assoc. Barzilovich VS, prof. , Dean of the Faculty ynzhereno - fyzycheskoho Chernega DF , Ph.D. , Dean of the Faculty of metallurgical Chyzhskyy AF
Kornylov Yuri Georgiyovych pryshel the chair of the Institute of Gaza , where rabotal zaveduyuschym Division of automation and zaschytyl doktorskuyu IA . 1959 g ste professor , and in 1960 g vozhlavlyaet otkrыvshuyusya department Theoretically basics of automation in chemical- tehnolohycheskom optionally , kotoraja sweat became Department " Automation himicheskogo production ." Author pervogo Tutorial on Applied Automatic Control theory .
Barzilovich Vadim Sergeevich zakonchyl KPI in 1941 and ushel the front. For okonchanyy War vernulsya in rodnoy Institute , rabotal snachala at the Department lyteynoho production and sweat pereshel the chair of automation . Very Much rabotal of creation Tehnicheskoe bazы sozdannoy the department , especially Labs tehnycheskyh funds management. In 1970 G. zaschytyl kandydatskuyu NM , sustainable assistant professor of materials by NM yzdal monohrafyyu for automation methodical furnaces. In HIGH urovne read APORT courses " Tehnycheskye sredstva automation ", " Basics of Automation " opublykoval poly methodical specified .
Hrankovskyy Vadim Ivanovich 18 -year yunoshey ushel the front. Returning with the front, entered the KPI and Graduated Institute in 1950 g Delivered at the Department for postuplenyya in aspyranturu of protection and kandydatskoy IA . His contribution to the creation of the department and Development Very Large .
Online otvetstvennыm Artists and Leaders of many nauchnыh of work , kotorыe vыpolnyalys nauchnыmy Employees and aspyrantamy the department . Under the leadership of ego razrabatыvalys uchebnыe Plans specialties, disciplines program , laboratornыe work and Methodical Textbook Execution on s , the program proyzvodstvennыh practices and etc. In 1963 VI Hrankovskyy pereehal in Zaporozhye , where Steel zaveduyuschym Department metallurgical processes automation in Zaporizhia yndustryalnom ynstytute , there zaschytyl doktorskuyu IA .
Pervыm zaveduyuschym Laboratory of the department Chuprovskyy Leonid Feopentovych , kotorыy , despite the age of the , uspel povoevat cabin boy on Navy torpedo boats su TIME Great Patriotic War . At the department on pryshel opыtnыm engineer and vozhlavyl slozhnuyu works on creation laboratornыh Stand . Эtym zanymalys Employees not only the department , and Even studentы and senior courses. Yes, studentы of the first group in the department proof sozdavsheysya AM 1 semester dolzhnы bыly Run on dvoyh a Business : assemble stand razrabotat technique Execution and Protocol Perform work to write . LF Chuprovskyy successfully zanymalsya and scientific spheres in yssledovatelskoy rabotoy Creative methods and funds Automatic control parameters and metallurgical processes zaschytyl kandydatskuyu IA .
First set of the department in the group , AM- 1 in 1958 hodusostavlyal Total 9 people. Otbyraly zhelayuschyh s fourth-year Total faculty. Lectures read vыdayuschyesya Specialists : Course " Theory of Automatic regulation " - Dr. , Professor Kornylov G., course " Tehnolohycheskye Processes " - Associate Professor Rostovtsev L. I. , Professor Efimenko GG ( a while Minister of Education vыssheho USSR ) and others .
Prepodavatelskyy composition of the department gradually usylyvalsya Account for graduates aspyranturы ( Antosyak VG fractures VA Naydek VL ) , as well as the invitation opыtnыh SPECIALISTS of scientific yssledovatelskyh ynstytutov ( Strelchenko AG ).
Strelchenko Alexander Georgiyovych pryshel the chair of the Institute of the Kiev automation. Im bыly razrabotanы Very Interesting methods continuously temperature measurements martenovskoy vannы su TIME with fusion pomoshchju vыsokotemperaturnoy termoparы , zaschyschennoy trehsloynыm tip. C pomoshchju эtoho Device myrovoy first time been in practice managed to Receive graphics zhydkoho metal in the heating furnace martenovskyh ( Strelchenko AG ) bessemerovskyh and kyslorodnыh converters ( Payzanskyy LD ) and duhovыh эlektropechah (Case IM ).
Antosyak Vladimir Georgiyovych zakonchyl Moscow Institute began and alloys and rabotal on Alchevsky metallurgic plant, otkuda ego invited to aspyranturu . 1962 g zaschytyl IA . Read a course of lectures " Metallurhycheskye pechy ." Soon perevelsya in Kyshynevskyy Polytechnic Institute , where Steel zaveduyuschym Department and the Institute of zatem rector .
Vitaly Aleksandrovich fractures zakonchyl KPI 1956 g for SPECIALITIES " Metallurgy become ." pervыm aspyrantom , pryhlashennыm professor
Kocho VS Kandydatskaya SUMMARY been posvyaschena question Regulatory pressure washers in martenovskyh furnaces. Soon after pereshel of protection IA Business in problems lytya Institute , where Dr. Steel tehnycheskyh Sciences and Division of zaveduyuschym and deputy Subsequently zaveduyuscheho Sciences Division of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, a member of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine , reporter .
Naydek Vladimir Leontevych zakonchyl own group AM- 1 Delivered at the department zakonchyl aspyranturu and zaschytyl IA . Together with VA Perelomoy pereshel Institute in lytya problems , where zanymalsya problems were blowing zhydkym oxygen. Tehnycheskyh became doctors of sciences, professor , Director of the Institute , Academician .
In Time Eto Department is working successfully in the field of automation teplovыh metallurgical processes, prospered Large hozyaystvennыe treaties with metallurgical enterprise " Zaporozhstal ", " Iron and Steel Works ", " Krivorozhstal " Dneprodzerzhinsk, Alchevsky , Makeevskyy metallurhycheskye Zavody and others. 1962 g Department move to teploэnerhetycheskyy Department and Title menyaet own way - Henceforth Eto department " Automation teplovыh promыshlennыh processes of enterprises ' AS 1974 - " Automation teploэnerhetycheskyh processes ." In EE proof poyavlyayuts New Projects Instructor .
In 1979-1980 hodah zaveduyuschym Department stanovytsya Associate Pershin Victor Iosifovich . In These Years uchebnыy process started to appear in intensively vnedryat vыchyslytelnuyu technician . It has been orhanyzovana uchebnaya Laboratory for analohovыh vыchyslytelnыh machines on Automatic Control theory , smontyrovana and osvoena vыchyslytelnaya machine "Peace ." As in the past proyzvodstvennykom Energy - VI Pershin Scientific nalazhyval connection with the heating network and Institute of Automation (Kiev ). Studentы were held practice on workers place in the assembly and organization and adjustment on stroyvshyhsya in a while Chernobyl and Kola nuclear power plant, in power plants Donbasenergo эkspluatatsyonnыh shops .                                                            

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Department of Heat Power Process Automation / Heat power faculty KPI


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