Scientific activity of ATEP department
Beginning with the works of the founder of the department V.S.Kocho in the sphere of automation of technological processes, its staff is doing profound research activity. In the beginning those were works on the control of heat processes in metallurgical and power plant units, developing its mathematical description as automation objects. A series of monographs is dedicated to this:
1.       Kocho V.S., Grankovskii V.I. Heat work of open-hearth furnaces, 1960. In this book and in previous publications, there were set technological basics of building algorithmic support of automated system of maintaining thermal conditions during steel melting in open-hearth furnaces.
2.       Kocho V.S., Samsonov G.V., Strel’chenko A.G., Kislyi P.S. Continuous control over liquid metal temperature, 1965. The book offers new method of continuous measuring metal temperature in units of steel-making vessels, which allows to set information and controlling systems of running thermal and operating practices.
3.       Kocho V.S., Grankovskii V.I., Naidek V.L., Pereloma V.A., Antosiak V.G., Priadkin L.L. Balanced method in testing and automating open-hearth furnaces, 1966. A fundamental work, summarizing experience of the staff’s work on manifold objects, with the description of the most perfect at that time methods of exploiting systems of automating open-hearth furnaces.
Many scientists who began their scientific work during this period at the department, continued their researches in this sphere in various institutes – like Kiyv Institute of Automation, DtechS. prof. Schumilin K.A. – a series of works and a set of books on automating blast-furnace production; DtechS. prof. Boguschevskii V.S. – researches and a set of books on ACSTP by converter steel production; chancellor of Zaporozhskoi Industrial Academy, DtechS. prof. Revun M.P. – book “Modeling metal heating at automated design and operation”; Head of ФТИМСNASU Naidek V.L. – monograph on running steel production processes using liquid oxygen and other. In 1980 the department was headed by DtechS. prof. Azhogin V.V. with him came scientific team of 14 members, among them senior staff scientist , candidate of technical sciences Zgurovskii M.Z., senior staff scientist, candidate of technical sciences Movchan A.P., senior staff scientist , candidate of technical sciences Romanenko V.D., senior staff scientist , candidate of technical sciences Mysak V.F., senior staff scientist , candidate of technical sciencesTimoschin I.A. and others.
Scientific works of prof. V.V.Azhogin’s were the basis for a series of new for the department areas of study, which were further developed by scientific and scientific-pedagogical staff. Works of prof. Azhogin V.V. and senior staff scientist  Zgurovskii M.Z.  were dedicated to the issues of mathematical modeling and optimization of many-stage, spatially distributed technological processes, and also verifying theoretical basis of the systems of automated design of the control systems over these processes.
The main results of these investigations became the basis for M.Z.Zgurovskii’s DPhil, which set the direction for automated design of optimal processes for controlling spatially distributed systems, and were also used in monographs.
Azhogin V.V. and Kostiuk V.I. “Optimal systems of digital controlling technological processes”. – Kiyv: Technika, 1982.
Azhogin V.V., Zgurovskii M.Z. “Machine design of optimal systems for controlling spatially-distributed dynamic objects”. – Kyiv: Vyshcha Schkola, 1985.
One of the members of the groups which was carrying out the research was senior staff scientist ,Novikov A.N., who later defended Candidate's dissertation on this topic, and later on – a doctor’s dissertation. Nowadays prof. Novikov A.N. is the Head of physicotechnical Institute of NTUU “KPI”, Head of the department of Informational security.
In 1983 a part of the scientific group together with prof. Azhogin V.V. left the department. Prof. Azhogin V.V. became the canceller of Odessa polytechnical Institute.
A department was created/founded by Zgurovskii M.Z., which later grew into Institute of Applied system analysis (IASA). At present he is the canceller of NTUU “KPI”, the Head of IASA.
Essential input into development of the theory of digital adaptation systems of regulation was made by researches by assiciate professor Romanenko V.D., which became practically applied in ACS TP  production of ammonium nitrate and were later reflected in the works by R.B.Medvedev, I.D.Bondar’, V.D.Romanenko «ACS ТПметаллургии», - М.: Металлургия, 1987 г.; Romanenko V.D., Ignatenko B.V. “Adaptive control over technological processes on the basis of MicroComputer”, - K., 1990.
Under the guidance of prof. Azhogin V.V., and after he left the department, under the guidance of Movchan A.P. there was formed and significantly developed scientific direction on creating theoretical basis, methods and means for building automated systems for controlling processes in the production of mineral fertilizers.
By the scientific staff there were created theoretical basics for mathematical modeling of technological processes of absorption neutralization, burning phosphate crystallization evaporation, which were used for building systems of automated control over these processes.
New ways of control were developed, for which there were gained about 20 certificates of recognition, new devices for controlling the most important indicators of operation quality, humidity percentage and other, novelty of which is defended by inventory certificates.
   The results of investigations and developments were set as the basis for created and used at ACS TP  production of ammonium nitrate at Cherepovetskii nitrogen fertilizer plant, ACS TP  reactor unit at Cherepovetskii chemical plant, and also systems of controlling rotating calcar at Belorechenskii chemical plant. On the materials of these works doctor’s dissertations were defended by scientific staff of the department Mysak V.F., Bastrugin V.V., Kononichyn I.A., Gosch T.S., Grishchenko S.A., Bulgakov A.B., Oleinik S.I. The results of the researches were reported abroad, including the congress International Federation of Automatic Control, twice at international scientific conferences in Leipzig. All in all there were published more than 160 works and made 60 inventions on this scientific area.
Today, traditions of scientific school of automating technological processes is supported by the staff of the department under the guidance of Kovrigo I.M., scientific lab of automating technological proceses (assiciate professor Movchan A.P.) and many followers, who work in different scientific and educational establishments of Ukraine.
The main scientific achievements of the school:
·         the staff of the department published more than 1000 scientific works, including 9 monographs, more than 200 inventory certificates were gained;
·         there were 3 DtechS., 79 candidates of technical sciences prepared;
·         the developments of the department were demonstrated at 5 republican exhibitions, many times exhibited at the university. 12 developments were passed into production, including:
concentration of carbon in steel sensor;
saltpeter concentration gauge;
multifunctional microprocessor system of calculating heat for the objects of local public power engineering;
system of automated control over the temperature regime of turbogenerator.
In recent years the department has been researching scientific problem “Scientific basics of developing systems of controlling technological processes of TPP, APP, industrial enterprises and low power engineering on the basis of microprocessor controlling complexes and training systems for training operating personnel” and worked in scientific directions:
Perspective information technologies;
Devices of complex automation;
Energy- and recourse-saving.
The main scientific results of the staff of the department were gained during developing:
                systems of controlling technological processes on the basis of modern microprocessor equipment;
                computer simulators and their usage for training personnel for controlling technological processes;
                modern technologies of automated designing;
                microprocessor means of controlling and regulating processes of energy- and recourses-saving, most of which found their way in educational process of the department and are the basis of lab stands and educational computer programs on the speciality.
Results of many of these researches became the basis for the following monographs:
I.P.Zaichenko “Structural optimization of computer networks”, 1986.
I.M.Kovrigo, I.M.Izgorev “Modal approach to controlling sophisticated dynamic objects”, 1989. The authors suggested technique for constructing controlling and measuring structures, which provides necessary control quality. The technique can be easily algorithmitizable, minimizes constructor’s part in difficult calculations, leaving him the functions of quality analysis and taking decisions on designing.
I.N.Kamaiev and others “Interactive system of automation of program preparation”, 1992. In this work there is described and realized on PC the system of preparation controlling programs InterSAP.
During the recent 15 years the department took part in organizing scientific conferences “New computer technologies in industry, energetic and education”, which were traditionally held in September. During this period there were eleven candidate’s dissertations defended (including Izgorev M.I., Bulgakov A.B., Oleinik S.I., Bun’ V.P., Bobkov V.B.).
As examples of the introduced developments the following works can be mentioned:
1.       Within the bounds of the contract with the ministry of education there was developed multifunctional microprocessor system of regulating and displaying information for the objects of thermal consumption. On the basis of this development there was introduced automated system of control, calculation and operating the process of heat consumption on the complex of administrative buildings.
2.       In the work “Theoretical grounds and research of the systems of automated operating reliability of exploitation of heat-and-power equipment at APP and TPP” there was developed procedure of expert evaluation of technical level of programmatically technical complex of the means of automation, programmatic constructor of SCADA-programs, САПР of algorithmic and technical provision SCADA programs of the central processor station on the basis of computer controllers. The developments allow to take technical decisions at the stage of designing ACSТП, which guarantee pre-set level of reliability of function realization of ACSТП.
3.       An important direction of scientific achievements is creating methods and ways of proper maintaining qualification of the exploitation and repair personnel on the basis of dynamic simulators in real time. There has been developed a series of computer simulators, which were applied in educational process of the department, in educational centers at TPP и APP. A full-scale simulator for preparing power-unit operators was developed and put into operation at ТЭЦ-5.
4.       In recent years at Kyiv ТЭЦ-6 there has been introduced a system of automated control of turbogenerator temperature – an information-diagnosing system, which was developed using modern concepts and technical approaches and is the basis for building ACS ТП power(-generating) units at TPP and APP.
High technological level of equipment allowed to do profound work on computer technologies of projecting systems of automation. There was created software for developing and carrying out graphical project documents on the basis of Magacad and Autocad, software system for calculating and modeling АСК, computer archive of typical decisions of automation. These developments were introduced in the bounds of a specialist’s automated workplace at the workshop of thermal automatics and calculations at TPP, and also in the educational process at the department during carrying out lab works and diploma projects.
Only in recent years there were introduced and successfully work 4 systems, made on the order of different ministries and establishments of Ukraine, including Department of the President's Administration of Ukraine, Ministry of Industrial Policy, Ministry of Science and Education and other. The confirmation of the high level of the scientific school has become carrying out six government contracts on the order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.
The department maintains close relations with several educational establishments from other countries, among which there is Moskow power institute, Vrotslav polytechnical institute (Poland). Together with famous company Schneider-Automatic there are carried out works on applying technical and programmable means at ACS enterprises, in developing mutual educational projects. Sponsor support of this company made it possible to organize study room of microprocessor equipment, to update hardware of some computer classes.
Every year 1-2 students of the department take educational practices at enterprises abroad, which is carried out involving no exchange of currency. Postgraduates and the staff of the department take training courses at leading foreign universities (postgraduate Bagan T.G. – Paris University in France, postgraduate Kornienko A.V. – Auckland University in the USA, engineer Sergienko A.V. – in Germany and others).

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