The department is preparing bachelors in the following specialties :
Automated control of technological processes / download Excel file /
Computer-integrated manufacturing processes and production / download Excel file /
Automated control of technological processes ( in absentia) / download Excel file /
Volume of learning bakalavrov - 246 Credit , kotorыe raspredelyayutsya cycles follows the training of image :

- humanytarnaya and socio -economic Preparation - 29 credit ;
- estestvennonauchnaya Preparation - 60 credit ;
- professyonalnaya and Practical Preparation - 137 credit ;
- freely discipline of choice of students - 20 loans.
In accordance with the working plans for uchebnыmy Departments ymeyutsya all uchebnыe and Rabochie uchebnыe program disciplines . Also in full of obъeme studentы obespechenы kontrolnыmy Target , Target on samostoyatelnuyu Business , methodical ukazanyyamy to Perform laboratornыh of work , projects and kursovыh of work , and bakalavrskoy mahystratskoy work. Studentы something morethan 90% obespechenы uchebnoy lyteraturoy , and Most predmetov obespechennost sostavljaet 100 %.
Grows Level yndyvydualnoy training of undergraduate , including, In accordance rolled the needs of the region , and otdelnыh of enterprises , Where proyshodyt ALLOCATION graduates . To do this, at the Department suschestvuyut Such specialization :

- kompyuternыe Designing of automation technology ;

- avtomatyzyrovannыe trenazhernыe kompleksы ;

- alhorytmycheskoe and prohrammnoe obespechenye Automatic Control Systems tehnolohycheskymy process (APCS ).
Department for Business prospered postoyannuyu Assist and aid in trudoustroystve Using SPECIALITIES graduates for the following direction :

- Gain professionally- oriented training of Computer and skvoznoy for Account Updates and Introduction disciplines ( Modern kompyuternыe Technology , Accounting teplopotreblenyya , bazы of data );
- Using sovremennыh approaches in ovladenyy umenyyamy navыkamy of computer and Designing for baze razrabotok sovremennыh the department and program -technical funds (by Latest 5 years dyplomnыe all projects with vыpolnyalys Using PEVM elements and CAD) ;
- Using dyspleynыh trenazherov for zakreplenyya navыkov Control and Authentication tehnolohycheskyh objects, ACS calculations ;
For povыshenyya effectiveness of work chair osuschestvlyaet number orhanyzatsyonnыh mayor, k kotorыm otnosjatsja :

- Allocation of Office proizvodstvennoe preddyplomnoy and practices in accordance with the agreements tselevыmy on Preparation and specialist ynytsyatyvnыh dohovorennostey with the leadership LEADING enterprises and organizations and other Myntopэnerho Ministry ;
- Perform realnыh kursovыh of work , projects and projects on subjects dyplomnыh vыshenazvannыh of enterprises , organizations (the fate of such projects sostavljaet neighborhood of 80 %);
- Control and Management co storony the department and the apportionment of the vocational guidance process ;
For Latest 5 years the average percentage of graduates in trudoustroennыh hosudarstvennыe enterprise amounted to 60 % at 100% of general graduates trudoustroystve specialty. Opredelylas Trends Reduction эtoho indicators in result of forms of ownership of enterprises Changes , obshchego production decline , uncertainty Criteria " gosudarstvennoe " enterprise. Percentage of graduates in zaprosov Latest for Years sostavljaet least 120-130 %. Trends observed Harm percent SPECIALISTS training of Account for enterprise and Increase in the number Kontraktovyj Education with fyzycheskymy лицами .

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Department of Heat Power Process Automation / Heat power faculty KPI


03056, м. Київ, вул. Політехнічна, 6.

8-й поверх навчального корпусу №5.

050 620-32-42, 097 063-72-57

044 204-80-84 (85)

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