The department is preparing masters in :
Automated control of technological processes / download Excel file /
Computer intehrovani processes and production / download Excel file /

Preparation Masters osushchestvljaetsja with 2001. By working with the Masters pryvlechenы veduschye Specialists of the department , all of Powers Scientific ymeyut Dr. ili PhD. First there are cases of students learning in mahystrature on kontraktnoy Basics on orders ynzhenerynhovыh firms. Annually all mahystrы delayut dokladы on studencheskyh nauchnыh conference, 's Solo Plans rassmatryvayutsya regularly at the department and vыpolnyayutsya .

Volume of learning Masters - 101 loans. Their Allocation следующее :

- humanytarnaya and socio -economic Preparation - 10 credit ;
- estestvennonauchnaya Preparation - 10 credit ;
- professyonalnaya and Practical Preparation - 81 loans.
In accordance with the working plans for uchebnыmy Departments ymeyutsya all uchebnыe and Rabochie uchebnыe program disciplines . Also in full of obъeme studentы obespechenы kontrolnыmy Target , Target on samostoyatelnuyu Business , methodical ukazanyyamy to Perform laboratornыh of work , projects and kursovыh of work , and bakalavrskoy mahystratskoy work. Studentы something morethan 90% obespechenы uchebnoy lyteraturoy , and Most predmetov obespechennost sostavljaet 100 %.
Grows Level yndyvydualnoy training of undergraduate , including, In accordance rolled the needs of the region , and otdelnыh of enterprises , Where proyshodyt ALLOCATION graduates . To do this, at the Department suschestvuyut Such specialization :

- kompyuternыe Designing of automation technology ;
- avtomatyzyrovannыe trenazhernыe kompleksы ;
- alhorytmycheskoe and prohrammnoe obespechenye Automatic Control Systems tehnolohycheskymy process (APCS ).
To carry out busy with Masters in Business otdelnыm laboratornыm yspolzuetsya Equipment polyhonov NPK "Kiev Institute of Automation ," where the department is working branch ATЭP and Training and trenyrovochnoho Mynэnerho center of Ukraine .
Department for Business prospered postoyannuyu Assist and aid in trudoustroystve Using SPECIALITIES graduates for the following direction :

- Gain professionally- oriented training of Computer and skvoznoy for Account Updates and Introduction disciplines ( Modern kompyuternыe Technology , Accounting teplopotreblenyya , bazы of data );
- Using sovremennыh approaches in ovladenyy umenyyamy navыkamy of computer and Designing for baze razrabotok sovremennыh the department and program -technical funds (by Latest 5 years dyplomnыe all projects with vыpolnyalys Using PEVM elements and CAD) ;
- Using dyspleynыh trenazherov for zakreplenyya navыkov Control and Authentication tehnolohycheskyh objects, ACS calculations ;
For povыshenyya effectiveness of work chair osuschestvlyaet number orhanyzatsyonnыh mayor, k kotorыm otnosjatsja :

- Allocation of Office proizvodstvennoe preddyplomnoy and practices in accordance with the agreements tselevыmy on Preparation and specialist ynytsyatyvnыh dohovorennostey with the leadership LEADING enterprises and organizations and other Myntopэnerho Ministry ;
- Perform realnыh kursovыh of work , projects and projects on subjects dyplomnыh vыshenazvannыh of enterprises , organizations (the fate of such projects sostavljaet neighborhood of 80 %);
- Control and Management co storony the department and the apportionment of the vocational guidance process ;
For Latest 5 years the average percentage of graduates in trudoustroennыh hosudarstvennыe enterprise amounted to 60 % at 100% of general graduates trudoustroystve specialty. Opredelylas Trends Reduction эtoho indicators in result of forms of ownership of enterprises Changes , obshchego production decline , uncertainty Criteria " gosudarstvennoe " enterprise. Percentage of graduates in zaprosov Latest for Years sostavljaet least 120-130 %. Trends observed Harm percent SPECIALISTS training of Account for enterprise and Increase in the number Kontraktovyj Education with fyzycheskymy лицами .

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Department of Heat Power Process Automation / Heat power faculty KPI


03056, м. Київ, вул. Політехнічна, 6.

8-й поверх навчального корпусу №5.

050 620-32-42, 097 063-72-57

044 204-80-84 (85)

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