The department conducts preparation of masters of specialty 151 "AUTOMATION AND COMPUTER-INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGIES" for the following specializations:

Master's course has been conducted since 2001. Leading experts of the department are involved in the work with the masters, all of them have the degrees of a doctor or a candidate of sciences. There are first cases of studying in the master's degree of students on a contractual basis, commissioned by engineering firms. Each year, all masters make reports at student scientific conferences, their individual plans are regularly reviewed at the department.

Master`s course has 120 credits, which are distributed according to the training cycles:

  • basic training - 22,5 credits;

  • professional training - 61,5 credits;

  • research (scientific) training - 36 credits.

According to the working curriculum, the department has all the teaching and working curricula of disciplines. Students are also fully equipped with study literature, control tasks, tasks for independent work, guidelines for the implementation of laboratory works, course projects and works, bachelor's and magistracy works. The provision of students with study literature are more than 90%, and on the majority of subjects the provision is 100%.

The level of individual training of students is increasing, including in accordance with the needs of the region and individual enterprises, where the distribution of graduates takes place. For this purpose the following directions exist at the department:

  • computer technology of automation systems designing;

  • automated training complexes;

  • algorithmic and software of automatic control systems of technological processes.

The department is constantly working on assisting in the employment of graduates of the specialty in the following areas:

  • strengthening of professional-oriented and cross-cutting computer training at the expense of updating and introducing new disciplines (modern computer technologies, accounting of heat consumption, databases);

  • use of modern approaches in mastering skills and computer design skills on the basis of developments of the department and modern software and technical means (in the last 5 years all diploma projects were carried out using a PC and CAD elements);

  • use of display simulators for training the skills of management and identification of technological objects, calculations of automatic control systems;

To increase the efficiency of the work, department carries out a number of organizational measures, which include:

  • distribution to the places of production and pre-diploma practice in accordance with the target contracts for the training of specialist and initiative agreements with the management of leading enterprises and organizations of the Ministry of Fuel and Energy and other ministries;

  • implementation of real course projects and diploma projects on the subject of the above-mentioned enterprises, organizations (the number of such projects is about 80%);

  • control and management by the department through the processes of vocational guidance and distribution.

 Over the past 5 years, the average percentage of employed graduates to state enterprises is up to 60% with a total of 100% of employed graduates of the specialty. The tendency of this indicator decrease as a result of changes in the ownership of enterprises, the general decline in manufacturing, the uncertainty of the criterion of a "state" enterprise. But the total percentage of requests for graduates in recent years is at least 120-130%.

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