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The opening of new laboratories

With the introduction of modern automatic process control is an important component adjustment control algorithms in the laboratory. So important is the creation of software and hardware complex using modern programmable logic controllers to simulate operation of automatic control technology about & rsquo; object of. & Nbsp;

Developed automatic control system using complex network called & rsquo; yazky between controllers to control technical equipment. Algorithms of such systems include industrial network analysis and application of emergency protection in case of emergency situations. So important is the study of modern industrial networking configuration, programming of equipment in various modes and application of technological protections under appropriate conditions. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

In the design of automation systems use different types of sensors that provide initial information on the process. Physical quantity sensor measuring signal can be non-linear characteristics or be in general use for various equipment manufacturers. Therefore, to transfer information about measuring parameter for such sensors use non-standard transducers measuring signals in standardized. With the above-mentioned study follows the order of urgency and settings of modern microprocessor measuring converters of signals.

These were the main problem in the design of new laboratories. & Nbsp;

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