December 2, 2014 the students of our department made a trip to the glass factory in the village . Gostomel .

A little history. AT & laquo; Vetropack Gostomel Glass & raquo; has nearly 100 years of experience producing glassware. Today - a modern enterprise which has the latest equipment and technology, qualified personnel and European governance. Our partners receive a full range of services, from creative design and development form , finishing with logistics and customer support .
Three glass furnace and eight machine lines provide performance 840 tons of glass per day (of which 220 tons - white glass, 240 - and 380 brown - green ). On the production lines installed automatic control DHG production Emhart Powers; Multi, MCAL, CO, TTL, M1 production MSC & amp; SGCC. Our products & laquo; Vetropack Gostomel Glass & raquo; meet the international quality standard ISO 9001 : 2008 standard introduced HASSP. The technology press and blow (PB), blow - blow (BB), in 2010, successfully started production of lightweight bottles technologies narrow neck press and blow (NNPB).
With experience repainted furnace , the plant produces glass bottles not only traditional green, brown and transparent colors, but also olive and colors & laquo; banana & raquo ;, opening up new possibilities for beverage producers .

Students liked the plant, how products are made . & Nbsp;

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