Teff invites for courses !!!

Branch of the Institute of Pre-University Training and Vocational Training ( FPT ) "KPI" for heat power department announces enrollment
for evening courses for the academic year 2013-2014 .

Study on training courses include :

Raising students' knowledge of basic subjects to the level of requirements of departments and institutes of the University ;

Deep professional orientation of students in the framework of the ' Future of Ukraine ».

Training students to SET .

The program provides the ability to synchronize training during the school year two related processes: bringing the knowledge of students from fundamental disciplines with the requirements of university programs and preparation for external assessment ( EIA) . Based on the results of the final certification of the audience that the Center testing and monitoring knowledge ( TSTMZ ) NTU "KPI", when entering the natural sciences and mathematics and engineering areas of training students added 20 points to the overall ranking ( EIT ). Extra points are credited accordingly selected volunteer group of professional orientation .

Every year the students of NTU "KPI" becomes about 95 % of the audience FDP NTU "KPI" !

Students training courses provided methodological literature that takes into account both the specificity of their further education in NTU "KPI" and advanced training to SET .

Period of study :

7 months ( for students in the 11th grade - one-year training cycle );

14 months ( for students in the 10th grade - a two-year cycle of training );
(tuition paid ).

Classes start September- October 2013 (as complete training groups ).

For registration for evening courses listener personally submit by October 1 for location FDP following documents :

Application form (to be completed on the spot ).

2 photos 3x4 .

A photocopy of the first and second pages of the passport ( or birth certificate ).

Enrollment to the branch at FPT heat power department ( TEF ) is held at :

Str. Polytechnique 6, building number 5 bedrooms . 219 ,

(2 minutes from the metro station " Polytechnic ")

from 15.00 to 18.00 every day except Saturday and Sunday .

Telephones: (044 ) 454-90-96, 406-80-98, 406-80-87.

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Department of Heat Power Process Automation / Heat power faculty KPI


03056, м. Київ, вул. Політехнічна, 6.

8-й поверх навчального корпусу №5.

044 204-80-84 (85)

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