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(c) Clause Henhsbah , head of didactics PhoenixContact

Number of students a few years ago intensively studied modern automation technology provided PhoenixContact, has reached the mark of 25,000 participants. Many graduates upon completion of training to get started in the industry and apply the knowledge they have acquired . Some of them joined the group with his colleagues for joint projects, others create integrated systems and automated complex. They all contribute to the economic development of their countries .

Scientists , teachers and coaches, as well as university partners in industry, makes it possible to share relevant knowledge. And so shall it be in the future. In this respect EduNetbere an important role of the researcher , manufacturer and reseller. Members EduNet- is an international community of professionals strives to give students advanced technical knowledge and prepare for the start of a successful career. It is therefore important to start a dialogue between industry and science, between enterprises and universities .

The contribution of the industry - in making practical labs with the right technology, providing the necessary specialist knowledge and in-depth coverage of important examples of where and how the technology works and where it is possible to apply tomorrow .

Educational institutions are using already known and acquired their knowledge from experts and practitioners on the basis of creating new knowledge , expanding the horizons of the known. After all, it is returned to the application field of new technologies. This optimal system of relations between theory and practice is the golden path to success, where each party wins .

As objects of automation EduNetinkoly not deal with deviations and disturbances . W optimize this " control circuit " for all stakeholders - a real challenge . The more information the members have and the less will be dark spots in the communication between the parties - the fewer disturbances act on the academic network .

It is therefore vital to communication, knowledge sharing and information meeting. For tsohoPhoenixContactpokladaye its capacity as a company, as well as the talents of its employees , for the common goal of community EduNet.

However, interest, international experience and skills of members EduNetosvitnya network and community experts reaches automation grand success .

The conference brought together participants EduNetz worldwide. Teachers , scientists, engineers and managers involved only purpose of the field , gathered in BadPirmont in HQ PhoenixContactElectronics, to discuss important issues. A round table organized by the moderators company outlined a number of points , such as: the triad of close cooperation education, industry and business , today's industry trends , experience exchange among the participants planned activities for the year ahead .

At the conference, much attention has been paid to how the current state of automation and its future. PhoenixContactvyklav own vision of industry trends and expectations. During the conference revealed the prerequisites and consequences of the new technological revolution, which stands on the threshold of humanity. Following industrialization and machines, the introduction of conveyor production, and later - computerization and automation industry , is a new era : Industrie4.0. Manufacturing Internet access. The car is not just a tool and assistant workers, and becoming part of the world merezhi.Ob ' information channels combined machines, products , machinery, even entire factories and plants share information and technology to optimize business processes. And automation as an integral part of the process is at the forefront of this revolution .

Along with this change and the requirements for specialists in the field of automation. Along with the traditional set of knowledge that get university graduates , more weight will acquire information technology (IT). Universities that can keep up with the times and provide their pets such knowledge to benefit in a competitive education market . And yesterday the students who pass school of modern automation experts will be worthy of his time .

NTU "KPI" , including thermal power chair automation process , which was initiated before joining the University of galaxy members EduNet, for active participation in the conference and considerable potential for education network , awarded PhoenixContactta EduNet.

The material was prepared on the basis of speech of the Chairman of the department of didactics PhoenixContact Claus Henhsbaha own experiences and fellow NTU "KPI" World Conference on EduNet.


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